Repertoire and Services

Repertoire and Services

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Isaac Pyatt is a solo performer, in addition to an ensemble musician. His most recent solo performance was a guest artist recital of his program "On Repeat" at UNC-Pembroke on April 18, 2018.

Sample Marimba Recital Program

Sample Percussion Recital Program

"On Repeat - A Concert of Patterns, Repetition and Varation" Program


  • Prism Rhapsody by Keiko Abe (Solo Marimba with Orchestra or Band)
  • Frozen in Time by Avner Dorman (Solo Percussion with Orchestra)
  • Chaconne No. 2 by Isaac Pyatt (Solo Marimba with Percussion Ensemble)

Keyboard Repertoire:

  • Fugue from Violin Sonata in G Minor by J. S. Bach
  • Prelude in E-Flat Minor (WTC vol. 1) by J.S. Bach (trans. for vibraphone by Pyatt)
  • Nocturne in Gb Major by Pius Cheung
  • Bloom Suite by Elliot Cole
  • Reflections on the Nature of Water by Jacob Druckman
  • Hymning by Robert Honstein
  • Loops IV by Philippe Hurel
  • IV: Solo de vibraphone from Le Livre de Claviers by Philippe Manoury
  • One Study, One Summary by John Psathas
  • equal / Scatter (Solo Version) by Isaac Pyatt
  • Burritt Variations by Alejandro Vinao

Percussion Repertoire:

  • Canned Heat by Eckhard Kopetzki
  • We Shall Be Turned by Judd Greenstein
  • Monobot by Andrea Mazzariello
  • Selections from Spice by Dave Molk
  • A Taste of Orange by Isaac Pyatt
  • Breaking the News by Isaac Pyatt
  • To the Earth by Frederic Rzewski
  • The Whimsical Nature of Small Particle Physics by Ben Wahlund
  • Stonewave by Rolf Wallin
  • Rebonds A by Iannis Xenakis

Chamber Repertoire:

  • The Light That Fills The World by John Luther Adams
  • No one to kNOW one by Andy Akiho
  • The Devil's Handyman by Thomas Albert
  • Ice Dance by Anders Astrand
  • Shell and Wing by David Beidenbender
  • Second Construction by John Cage
  • Tesla's Harmony by Pius Cheung
  • the day after. by David Crowell
  • Edge of the World by Nathan Daughtrey 
  • Come Round by Jacob Druckman
  • Excrutiation by Am're Ford
  • Marimba Heritage by Mark Ford
  • AMERICAN BEAUTY by Lowell Fuchs
  • Recycled Noise by Lowell Fuchs*
  • An Archive of Broken Memories by Lowell Fuchs*
  • Demolition Dance by Grace Gollmar*
  • Threads by Paul Lansky
  • how, the epistemilogical was precipice by Cory Harper-Latkovich*
  • Zaka by Jennifer Higdon
  • An Index of Possibility by Robert Honstein
  • part 2 from so-called laws of nature by David Lang
  • Spine by Michael Laurello
  • Freezerbaby II by Hedra Rowan*
  • Pattern Transformation by Lukas Ligeti
  • Songs from the End of the World by John Mackey*
  • equal / Scatter (Mallet Quintet Version) by Isaac Pyatt
  • Suspended by Isaac Pyatt
  • Until by Isaac Pyatt
  • Drumming by Steve Reich
  • Mallet Quartet by Steve Reich
  • Nagoya Marimbas by Steve Reich
  • Six Marimbas by Steve Reich
  • In C by Terry Riley
  • Maggies by Mathew Rosenblum
  • Sparklefrog by Adam Silverman
  • Rain Tree by Toru Takemitsu
  • Six by Ivan Trevino
  • Another Wallflower and 120bpm from "neither Anvil nor Pulley" by Dan Trueman
  • Color Coding by Jason Treuting*
  • Vertical River by Blake Tyson
  • M.U.S.I.C. by Kendall Williams*
  • Shakedown by Randall Woolf
  • Metaux and Peaux from Pleiades by Iannis Xenakis
  • The Tell-Tale Heart by Roger Zare
  • Impression Pipa by Binshan Zhao*

*Notes world premieres of works


Isaac Pyatt has experience with and is looking for performance opportunities related to:

  • Traditional Orchestral/Chamber Percussion 
  • Musical Theater (Drum Set and Percussion)
  • Contemporary Worship Music (Drum Set)


Isaac Pyatt has experience educating middle and high school students, and has presented clinics on:

  • Introduction to 4-Mallet Technique (Stevens Technique)
  • Timpani Fundamentals
  • Basic Orchestral Accessories